The Trillion Dollar Balancing Act! ⚖️💰

QE1 is the nickname given to the federal reserves initial round of quantitative easing. That’s when the federal reserve massively increased its standard open market operations, it purchased the debt from its member banks. The debt was mortgage backed securities, consumer loans, treasury bills, bonds, and notes. What does this matter to you? Let’s nerd out!

Realtor < Real-Tinder?

Now, we’ve talked a lot on the show about how to combat the ever-growing threat from the Zillows, Redfins, Amazons, and Facebooks of the world. If you’ve been riding the wave of the post-recession real estate boom, the 2nd half of 2018 was just the start of a market changing from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market, and who knows where we are in the grander landscape change from converting leads at parties, on blind dates, and through friends to standing out in the new, RealTinder marketplace.