How To Thrive In A Bear Market! Lessons From A $200 Million Producer!

Wally Elibiary is a leader in the mortgage industry, a presence in the coaching industry, and a huge proponent of creating scalable business with a work-life balance. After being in this industry for 23+ years, he has been through nearly everything. He has worked with some of the greatest loan officers to learn from and teach the most successful methods in his time. He will be joining us at Sales Mastery with Todd Duncan and we hope to see you there too!

A Masterclass On Influence, Content Creation & Video Marketing!

We interview the legendary Neel Dhingra (@NeelHome) & Keith Collins (@KeithCollinsTeam) in today’s Masterclass focused on creating influence within the real estate and mortgage industry! We also explore basically a crash course in video marketing for real estate professionals.

Amplify Your Influence: Interviewing Rene Rodriguez

We interview Rene Rodriguez, Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author of Amplify Your Influence and Keynote Speaker and CEO of Voletum. Not to mention a great friend, mortgage and real estate influencer as well as creator of the Amplifii Experience. Can’t say enough good things about Rene & his team!

Top Producer Podcast: Part III

Top Producer Podcast: Part III Featuring Denise Donoghue (The Mortgage Nerds), Dan Keller (Dan Your Mortgage Guy), Dave Savage (Mortgage Coach), Todd Bookspan (Win By Noon) & Deborah Byrd (Plug and Plug Social Media)!