Masterclass Series: Tim Davis

Join us a we interview the legend, Tim Davis on personal branding and how to create a unique value proposition in a flash – plus see why you don’t want to be naked person on the beach when the tide goes out!

Masterclass Series: Garth Graham

Join us as we interview Garth Graham of the Stratmor Group as he discusses the first digital mortgage, Inman Connect and Mastermind Summit 2019!

Masterclass Series: Sue Woodard

Join us as we interview Sue Woodard for another masterclass! Sue is speaking at Mastermind 2018 – be sure to book your tickets today!

Masterclass Series: Coach Bill Hart

Join us for our new series – MASTERCLASS INTERVIEW WITH INDUSTRY EXPERTS! Learn about the future of the industry with Coach Bill Hart and hear about his most recent project, White Collar Warrior.